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    Welcome to the website Natural Homeopathic Remedies. We are a parapharmacy in Naples that for decades has been a reference point for those seeking homeopathic products and organic foods. The pharmacy is located in the historical centre at 50 meters from the seaside's promenade of Naples. In choosing the products, you can count on the help of our staff that will offer the necessary advice to always get the best. The staff who seriously in the shop is always ready to put its knowledge to serve customers with a constant and a continuous supply of medicines and a wide assortment of health products, food products or hygiene products.

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    Ours is a parapharmacy in Naples and is also a family business, in which Dr. Scotto is operating since 1973. The staff is composed by the owner, who takes care of the medical sector, and his sister, in charge of the cosmetic and health care departments. Both manage the customer service and sales. Our parapharmacy in Naples is engaged in the protection of the human health, from the prevention to treatments, and in fact our goal is to be present, provide the highest quality to the needs and the well-being of the person. Dr. Scotto and his staff are the representatives of the Cemon Italian market ( HOMOEOPATHIC NEAPOLITAN CENTRE). Dr. Scotto has been for years a specialist in the vegan, natural, macrobiotic diets and in the diet for celiac diseases.

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    The pharmacy stands on the territory, as a point of reference for citizens, offering a new alternative approach to medical treatments, with substitute remedies non-pharmaceuticals but rather naturals. Courtesy, professionalism and a wide assortment of products always updated, well-arranged and easy to see, are available to customers. Inside the store, you will find a wide selection of non-prescription medicines, homeopathic and herbal products. We also have a large area dedicated to macrobiotic, organic and vegetarian foods, childcare products and food for the youngest. We are always available with tips and advices, so as to help the customer to find the right product for his needs.

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    On the shelves of our parapharmacy, guests can choose from a wide range of homeopathic products, all carefully selected to ensure the desired results. The homeopathic products department is one of the key factors of the activity thanks to the “accorsamento”, a word of the local dialect that means an abundant amount of remedies. Can be purchased products of Deleda International, including natural remedies and cosmetics, that is what is called the medicine method of Steiner. There are also products of FITOBIOS NATIONAL. The homeopathic approach differs from the traditional one because body and mind are considered inseparable, thus orienting towards a cure of the person that includes the spiritual aspects. From plants, mineral hot springs and several natural substances derive the active ingredients, used in small doses and sometimes masterly blended. For those who are looking for natural cosmetic products, our parapharmacy is a dealership of Erbolario.

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    Homeopathic products

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    Organic food

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